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Creating Love and Intimacy Workshop™ – $650.00 two day workshop
Workshop is for anyone who wants to explore the deeper values and rewards of love and intimacy on physical, mental and emotional levels. This workshop is designed to enhance physical, mental, emotional, and sexual intimacy, personal strength, resilience, vitality and to balance relationships, and provides a safe setting for personal transformation. The CLI workshop created by Dr. Susan Russell is specifically to help individuals quickly develop loving and healthy relationships.

“Life Beyond 100: Secrets of the Fountain of Youth” – $125.00
Renowned Neurosurgeon, Norman Shealy, M.D., PhD. Shares his wisdom in a DVD workshop designed to awaken you to new possibilities.

Dr. Norman Shealy founded the first comprehensive pain and stress management facility in the country. He is well known as one of the pioneering holistic physicians of our time, founded The Shealy Institute, and has acted as consultant to leaders in every specialty, including the personal physicians of Presidents Kennedy and Eisenhower. Dr. Shealy’s workshop will be based on his new book, “Life Beyond 100: Secrets of the Fountain of Youth.” Caroline Myss Ph.D., states Life Beyond 100 is “a masterpiece” because “not only does Norm include the human spirit in his paradigm of health; he also describes a full and complete health program for the human spirit as well as the human body.”
Books available at Turning Point Healing Center for $24.95

Women’s Health and Beauty Workshop – $125.00
Learn Health, beauty, vitality and emotional balance secrets of Ancient Chinese Medicine.

Men’s Health and Vitality Workshop – $125.00
Learn health, strength, vitality and personal balance secrets of Ancient Chinese Medicine.

GET GROUNDED!!! Workshop – $125.00
Workshop is for anyone who wants to glide through life while staying focused, clear, and present. This workshop is open to all and is additionally a pre-requisite for Reiki level II* The workshop consists of Lecture, Experiential Exercises both indoors and outdoors and focused Meditation. Learn practical fun and easy tools to immediately increase your ability to: Stay Connected…Flow integrated energy with the philosophies of Yin/Yang flow, Qi Gong connecting to heaven…earth…all the elements and Consciousness Training.

Me, Myself, and I and I and I – $125.00
Who is showing up in your life? Why is it easy to stay on track sometimes and harder other times? When you are hungry, tired, angry, sad, or happy, is it really you? How do you know what is right for you? Do you frequently change your mind or are you unable to make up your mind? Are you free to learn, to grow, and to accept yourself? Join us and find out.

Color Your World Workshop – $145.00

Fun and exciting ways to find balance in your life
by working with color and the vibrations that support you!

Learn ways to use color to bring balance to your mind, body, and spirit.

Learn how to align with the seasons in order to balance
oneself with the environment.

Understand how to use colors to attract and nurture
energy and to create harmony in your world.

Learn Feng Shui color principles and food choices
that support and enhance your surroundings.

Learn what it means when one color is dominant over others
and how this affects your personal environment.

Use a prism to see what your colors are and how they change based on several factors (mood, environment, knowledge, awareness, food, Qi, etc.).

Autumn Yin Yang Circle – $125.00
Come learn about the life force (Qi) that runs in you and around you. The Yin Yang Circle is a great opportunity to be balanced in a group setting where your own Qi will be enhanced through acupuncture on the specific autumn points amplified by participating in a larger group setting while sitting in a circle within a circle. Balance your daily rhythm with your own body and that of the season of autumn.

Workshop also includes measurement of your Qi before and after the balancing and a 7-minute animated educational movie clip on yin and yang.

Muscle Testing and Beyond – $125.00
Learn how to test for the positive & negative effects of:
• Foods • Clothes • Music • Supplements • Decisions • Colors of Rooms • Direction of Sleep • Beneficial Energies • Negative Energies • Hartmann Lines • Electro-magnetic Disturbances • Polarity, and much more!

Develop this unique skill through the use of many different tools. Fun and interactive; bring a friend!

Consciousness Never Sleeps – $145.00
* Power of Thought Level 1 is a pre-requisite.
• The Biology of Perception • Intentionality and Subtle Energies • The Masquerade of the Subconscious Mind • Cellular Membranes and Cellular Communication • Positive Vibrations / Negative Vibrations • Creating Abundance In All Areas of Your Life
** Identify and transform blocks to abundance **

New Year’s Eve Infinity Circle
Join us New Year’s Eve to set the tone and bring in the New Year in full abundance. Your capacity to manifest and receive abundance will be measured and improved no matter what your level is. The Infinity Circle includes acupuncture of the meridian point to increase manifestation and open yourself to receiving abundance. Through the use of Carolyn Myss’s Archetype cards learn which archetype you’re carrying that may be sabotaging you and learn the beneficial qualities of a new archetype to adopt that will serve your growth and potential. Closing ceremony with a fire pit releasing that which no longer serves you in your present life.

Join us for an afternoon of transformation and still enjoy your previous New Year’s plans afterwards!

The Power of Thought Level I – $125.00
*This is a prerequisite for The Rice Bowl is Always Full (Level 2), and Dynamic Potential (Level 3)

The Power of Thought workshop introduces the concepts of the map of consciousness and how the subconscious interacts with the conscious. It will help you to better understand heart to soul connection and brain to mind connection. It includes exploration of internal dialogue (changing it to become more positive), and perception. Learn ways how you can change your thinking to transform your reality and experience in the world.

Mental Feng Shui $125.00
Learn how to cut the clutter. Quick tips for mastery over arrant thinking and perception.

Reiki I – Class Fee: $125.00 Level I
What to Wear: Comfortable clothes
What to Bring: Blankets or soft yoga style mat.
What is Reiki? It is a Japanese healing art form.

The word REI is Japanese for universal, spirit, wisdom and intelligence. It is a force that has the ability to create balance because balance is the natural state of the force of life. KI is the Japanese word for life force energy. There are many words to describe this phenomenon such as Prana, Odic force and bioplasma.

REIKI works on all of the levels of what is now known as the subtle body energy fields. These include physical, emotional and spiritual growth. Reiki is observed to have five principal affects:

· Reiki enhances relaxation.
· Reiki dissolves energy blockages and vitalizes Chakra centers.
· Reiki assists the body to detoxify and balance itself.
· Reiki accesses and transfers the healing universal life force to the receiver.
· Reiki balances and aligns all the subtle bodies.
· Reiki acts to recharge the body’s own electro-magnetic fields.

Learn to start your day with the healing, cleansing and balancing energy of Reiki. Reiki improves your awareness of your own personal energy signature.

Reiki II – $125.00
Keep your vibration high and clear Reiki application on others, pets and plants too.

Reiki III – $125.00
Long distance. Non-local mind. What does it mean? How can it help you? How can you tap in?

Flower Essence – $125.00
The history of Flower essence from 1800’s.Uses and application formulas. Discover your potentials learn how flower essences enhance them.

Essential Oils – $125.00
Ancient and modern uses.

Archetypes – $125.00
What archetypes are controlling you? What are Archetypes? How do they influence your life and the society that you live in?

Pets/Furry Angels Part 1 – $125.00
Who are our “pets?” How to understand them and as they see us.

Pet Reflections of Ourselves Part II – $125.00
What are our Pets mirroring of us.

Plant Power – $125.00
Benefits of plants. How to bring in plants that balance your life and clean the air. Find out which plants convert chemicals.

If you Insist – $125.00
Healthy alternatives for the treats that you just can’t give up.

Detox your House – $125.00
How to have a clean environment.

Sage – $125.00
History of Sage. What is it and how do you use it.

Free Radicals – $125.00
What are Free Radicals? How they are found and what is their impact on your physical and emotional well being. FREE screening.

Recipe Exchange – $125.00
Free get together. Bring your favorite organic dish Send your recipe in prior to event so we can create a recipe book for everyone that attends.

The Importance of Water – $125.00
Find out why water is so important to having a healthy body, mind, and spirit.