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“Turning Points” are the experiences and results that our clients and patients have shared about their own “Turning Points” on the journey to health and wellness.

The “Turning Points” below are from clients, patients, students, mentors, associates, partners and friends of Dr. Susan Russell and Turning Point Healing Center. They share their experiences which cover a wide variety of ‘dis-ease’ within and without the human experience and cover a wide variety of ailments and issues treated by Dr. Susan Russell at Turning Point Healing Center.

Health, Happiness, Joy, Enlightenment and Qi to you!
Dr. Russell

“Turning Points” from Clients of Dr. Russell and Turning Point Healing Center

“I’ve been going toDr. Susan since 2002. I’ve had so many incredible experiences, it is hard to pick just one but the best one – had been going to infertility specialist for almost 2 years until I found Dr. Susan. I had tried everything 5 IUIs, 2 IVFs and decided to pursue some alternative treatments – primarily Reiki. Dr. Susan added her own blend of other practices in during our sessions but she asked me to bring a sample of my husband’s sperm in a Tupperware (just getting my husband to do this was a battle). I brought it in… and I swear the energy was so strong during this session as she did the clearing, it knocked the tight lid off with such a force I think it scared both of us almost out of the room. As I continued with her, I ended up getting pregnant on my own. I’m a true believer that Western doctors are not the only way to solve a medical condition.”

For over ten years on an average of once a week, I received allergy shots with little to no results. Ten years of promises, one injection at a time. Ten years of disappointment. Ten years of not getting better.

Not wanting to find another Allergist and repeat the process, I began looking at alternative therapies. Fate led me to the doors of Dr. Susan Russell and her facility, Turning Point. Dr. Russell evaluated my condition and recommended treatment. Thus began a “Turning Point” in my own life when health was restored to me and I became Allergy-free.

While praise for Dr. Susan Russell, her staff, and facility is totally appropriate, no amount of praise can approximate what Dr. Russell is capable of. Walking through her doors has changed my life. I no longer need allergy shots, medications, and steroids to breathe. And my chronic back pain? No longer an issue, and the best part is, I avoided a back operation that even the surgeon couldn’t guarantee me would relieve the pain and fix the problem.
I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Susan Russell and her wonderful staff at Turning Point. You’ll be amazed at the quality of care, depth of understanding, and personal commitment to your health you’ll receive.

Sid Versaci

I have had the privilege of knowing and conferring with Dr. Susan on many difficult cases throughout the past decade. Susan is a very loving, concerned healer. She incorporates her mastery of energy techniquesin conjunction with a compassionate heart to get excellent results every time.

Dennis Frerking, DC
Director of Clinical Sciences, Loomis Institute of Enzyme Nutrition

Hello, I just wanted Dr. Susan to know that I had a huge breakthrough on my needle/syringe phobia which we worked on in my last session with energy work. Today I was involved in an animal rescue and the syringe came out and I did not bolt, I did not break into a cold sweat or start breathing heavy.I watched while the injection was being made. Wahoo!! This is huge for me. This is changing my life.

Thank you so much!
Lynn Whitten

I am extremely grateful when I think about the event that leads me to Dr Russell. I had seen her before years ago and then ran into her again at an event 3 or more years later. After being in her “energy” something told me that I needed to experience her work right away. Well- this was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Dr Russell has integrated multiple disciplines into her work of homeopathy, inner work, and personal transformation, topped with the depth and breadth of human engineering, Imagineering and energy work. In a nutshell, I have gotten better, emotionally, spiritually, physically, mentally, and financially because of Dr Russell’s amazing work. I say with great enthusiasm and compassion, if you want a better quality of life, in every way, this is the BEST investment in yourself that you could ever make. Dr Russell is superb. She makes it safe to grow, heal, express and release the ideas, beliefs and thought patterns that no longer serve us. Nobody does it better. She is the real deal. I am grateful to have Dr Russell in my life.

Donna Lang
Life Coach and Business Executive

I have known Dr. Susan Russell for over 10 years as a colleague and as a practioner. Dr. Susan is a very gifted healer. She is compassionate, talented, and very well educated. Dr. Susan has the ability to help people with issues in all aspects of their lives, physical, emotional, and spiritual. I highly recommend Dr Susan Russell.

Laura P. Strickland, L.Ac., Dip. Ac. NCCAOM

I have had the honor of being a friend, colleague and patient of Dr. Susan Russell’s for more than eleven years. As a healer myself, I am very particular about who I allow into my private world and especially, who I defer to when I am in need of healing. Whether it has been my own needs, those of my family or of the clients whom I have referred for treatment, Dr. Susan has always been present to help me assess, as well as treat, the issues. She is a shaman, who reaches into her vast toolbox of experience and intuition to come up with just the right combination of science and spirit to transform energy and restore balance. She is a blessed gift from the Universe to all of us.

Terry Segal, Ph.D. L.M.F.T.
Ph.D. in Energy Medicine
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Weight Loss Testimonial – I came to Turning Point Healing Center to improve my health and well being because I was becoming increasingly fatigued. One of my goals was to lose weight. I lost 68lbs. in 4 months by following Dr. Russell’s energy and emotional balance and supplemental regiment along with energetic food suggestions and personalized Qi Gong movements. I began seeing Dr. Russell because my body was crying to become healthy. Within the first month I went from a size 12-14 down to a 10 and within the next three months I was in a size 2. I am petite and this has been a lifelong desire of mine. I have maintained this weight and size for 2-1/2 years and am now able to eat a wide variety of foods as my digestion has improved greatly.

Dr. Russell’s diet plan works because she designs it for you all you have to do is faithfully follow it. Dr. Susan gave me great new yummy recipe ideas and has taught me that eating can be fun and pleasure as well increase my vitality. I also noticed an increased amount of energy and a feeling of well-being. It continues to amaze me that such a simple and easy shift in understanding food choices as well as the benefits of Qi Gong work easily and effectively. This has been a life-changing experience for me. I look and feel younger than any of my friends my age! Over the years I have tried many different “diets” and I would continue to “yo-yo.” I am indebted to Dr. Russell and her unending knowledge for helping my body become what it was intended to be.


I am a pharmacist who would rather dispense information for proactive patients than medications. I feel that sometime in one’s life Western medicine will fail for them as it has me. In my mid 30’s I had tendonitis in both hands and my M.D. just told me to take anti-inflammatory around the clock. After seeing my kidney function had started to decline, I started looking at Alternative Medicine.

That led to metaphysical release after one treatment. I never had to take the anti-inflammatory again. It was during this time period that learned about Edgar Cayce and other metaphysical teachers. In the late 90’s, I saw Dr. Carolyn Myss on the Oprah show and was fascinated by the work she was doing with Dr. Norman Shealy. At the time I was finishing my doctorate in pharmacy and moving to Atlanta. I was working a job traveling 13 states and Puerto Rico and after gaining 50 lbs. decided it was in my best interest to quit and to regain my health. While surfing for a job in Atlanta I decided to take a 7 Rays Healing Class and when we partnered up I had Dr. Susan Russell. The delightful teacher that she is, we both shared our journeys away from Western treatment methods. I asked if she had ever heard of Dr. Norm Shealy or Carolyn Myss. Dr. Susan said “yes, he is my research professor.” It was such a delight to find somebody that I could talk to on metaphysical level with the aim of acting as conduits for people looking for other spiritual routs of healing. Through Dr. Susan I have seen the disappearance of my restless leg syndrome, migraines, eye twitches, heart arrhythmia and high cholesterol by using magnesium supplementation. She helped me come to turns with the divorce from my first husband when he went through mid-life crisis. During that divorce I had to have emergency gall-bladder surgery. I called Dr. Susan after my surgery and she said your gall bladder is gone not there is no reason for anger or bitterness in your life. She has helped me discover the real me and the purpose in life which I feel is to be worthy to be a woman and have a place on this planet even though I am not attached to it. Currently I am working on grief resolution from my second spouse and a beloved pet. Those valleys of grief and inactivity have increased my weight again. Currently I am using alternatice therapies to revamp my diet and I am surprised how the excess weight is melting away. Dr. Susan has shared her especially delicious raw fudge recipe as well as other yummy treats that still keep me balanced.

I don’t feel like I would have had as much peace and contentment in life had I not met Dr. Susan. I feel like the methods that she practices are an evolutionary lead helping us to come full circle to our original roots. What joy there is in the journey of life with such an excellent guide. Thank you for the empowerment. You are one of the original Three Wise Women in my book!


There are many practitioners in the world; fewer physicians; and even less healers. Healers are very unique people who understand that each individual possesses the power of their own healing within themselves. True healers are those who are committed to do whatever it takes to assist a person find the path that will lead them to the physical, mental or emotion healing they desire.

Dr. Susan Russell is such a healer.

I have known Dr. Russell for over ten years, and I continue to be in awe of her insights and guidance. She has allowed me to regain balance in my life many times over with her intuitive ability to zero in on exactly what I need to hear and do, or not do. I have come to learn that Dr. Russell uses a variety of modalities because she appreciates that every person is different and we each respond to different things: foods, colors, sounds, etc. I have never been disappointed with the results I have been able to achieve due to Dr. Russell’s care and caring. When I am feeling out of balance, ill, in pain, or mentally scattered, she is the first one I call. Dr. Susan definitely helps me stay healthy!

Audrey Witko, R.N.
Leonardo, New Jersey

To Friends and Patients of Dr. Susan,

I’ve been seeing Dr. Susan Russell for a period of at least two years and currently more regularly for about five months. She is such an amazing person and genuinely cares for your well being. The energy work she does works in profound ways. I have felt the energy more and more and at times it is like a tingling rush or soft and flowing, radiating like a warm beam.

I recently was faced with a really uncomfortable situation so I asked Dr. Susan for her help. My brother, a grown man, in his mid 30’s, who has had a history of recurring depressive episodes, comes into them every so often and they last for about six months. He has terrible mood swings and anger combined with some alcohol, caffeine, and chain smoking habit. He was looking for his next victim (me) to “crash” with until he could surface again.

After being out for a day of running errands I went to check my messages. The first was a phone call from my brother with just a message drolly stating that he really needed to talk to me and that it was very important; he had to speak to me ASAP and would call me back later. I was worried about what could be wrong but wondered if it was the beginning of one of his problems. The next message was from him as well. He said he was leaving and had to get away. He and his wife were getting a divorce and he was leaving for good and that he wanted me to know he was on the way to my house from Chicago.

I was concerned because I have a family of my own to care for with three children and really did not want to take on the burden of my brothers depressive episodes of drinking, smoking, and whatever else that would entail. My brother would also be choosing to leave his own children behind into a not so good situation.

I had an appointment with Dr. Susan that evening so I decided to wait until I saw her and would be able to discuss what I could do about the problem. With Dr. Susan’s usual wisdom, she seemed to already sense my brothers problems before I could even tell it all to her. We talked and she did her energy work to help me with the problem. She worked directly on the energy that had been created by the repeated pattern of my brother needed to be rescued and me being the rescuer. Once this was done Dr. Susan asked me to imagine telling him that he needed to stay at home in his area and to be present in his children’s lives. She then asked me how this felt and moved more energy until it felt very calm. She asked for a first name and said she would send extra energy my way. I felt much calmer and at ease with what I needed to tell him and didn’t worry so much about hurting his feelings. I knew that this was for the best for him and his own family, not to mention as well as mine.

The following day, I received a call from my brother. One of the first sentences he said was,” I was half way to your house hundreds of miles and it just came to me. What am I doing? Maybe, I should go home and be there.” This was amazing because my brother has never thought in this way. In the past, he has done this over and over and has always fled to someone to crash out with and live with without warning. He just generally shows up and makes life really difficult. He also said, he thought that maybe he should talk to me first before he just showed up. This was also very uncharacteristic of him. My brother has not shown this kind of behavior before and certainly has not taken others thoughts into account before.

I was amazed. I was so relieved and surprised when he said he decided to head back home and was already back in Illinois! I felt like a burden was lifted and I felt a release of that heavy energy going away. Making room for better things to come! I whispered a “Thank you”.

I owe it all to Dr. Susan and her amazing ability to do the work she does. She can help in so many ways. This is only one example of what she can do for people. She has such a healing hand and good about her. I have grown a tremendous amount when I think back to the kind of person I was not so long ago. She has made me more confident in myself and to feel loved and to give love. She has helped me in many stressful situations and made them so much more peaceful. We all hope to be the best in ourselves and Dr. Susan is that kind of person that makes it possible for you to become the Best You, you can be. I want others to know this and to be helped in whatever way they need.

As Dr Susan says…”Create a Blessed Day!”

Thank you Dr. Susan for all you have done for me so far. I know we still have a journey left but it will be a good one.

A patient in healing,

Dear Dr. Susan,

I wanted to thank you for coming to my property to administer feng shui and checking the geopathic stress setting of our property. David and I both watched you as you cleared our land of negative energy. Our old house had a fire that destroyed a large part of the house and the previous owners had rebuilt but it was like putting icing on a bad cake. I do feel that there were many emotional imprints that kept having negative outcomes. In addition, I had not told you about a car wreck that ended up with someone dying at the corner of our property when you mentioned trauma impact energy with loss of life in the exact area I was stunned that you were aware of that energy. Thank you so much for clearing that bad memory from our property. We did follow all your suggestions with windows and letting light energy into our home. Our builder was absolutely fantastic and our dream home was so much fun in the building process. I had heard of so many horror stories about building a home but honestly feel that your coming made all the difference in the building process. All the workers were such a delight to work with and I loved the idea of having our friends come when the house was framed. We followed your suggestion about adding positive thoughts from our friends and family before our house was painted. Everyone enjoyed writing on the doorways; counter tops boards, rooms, windows with their own special words or bible verses and blessings. I truly feel my house is warm and friendly. I use to have such a problem with sleeping and now sleep much easier and so refreshed when I awake. We have moved in and I hope you will be able to come see our lovely home.

Angela H.

Dr. Susan, Thank you for all your help clearing my allergies. I used to have a stuffy nose and sneeze non-stop….literally. After several treatments, I am now 90% allergy free and can go about my day free of the Kleenex box that I used to constantly hold in my hand.

Recently I had a phone consult with Dr. Susan regarding a longstanding difficult business situation. Two minutes after Dr. Susan was cleared me, the person called and left me a message. AfterI hung up the phone with Dr. Susan I retrieved my messages, I called this person back, and they apologized for being too emotional and the situation dissolved immediately!

Susan is very skilled at clearing the negative energy and putting you back in balance with yourself.

“On both a professional and a personal level, I have known Dr. Susan Russell for over a decade. She is very hard working, diligent, thorough, and a good NAET® practitioner as well as a natural leader. Susan is ever thirsty for knowledge and goes all the way to master her desired subject even if that takes her to return to school full-time. She is a dedicated NAET® practitioner, has endless capacity for hard work and very enthusiastic in learning new ways and new methods to provide the best of care to her patients. Susan is very highly regarded by her peers. I would like to extend my personal congratulations on her achievements in the recent years. You are a real asset to our profession.

Devi S. Nambudripad, MD, DC, L.Ac., Ph.D.
Developer of NAET®”

Dr. Susan Russell and her ground breaking work , weaving modality and the spiritual concepts of many people’s gives the forgotten patient a new path to wellness.

Vision Bear Mexicatl Tepatiani

“My daughter actually asked me to make an appointment with you. As I told Gracie, you’re the only true healer I’ve ever personally known. I really mean that! ”

Carlene M. Wentworth, Ph.D., LPC, NCC