Trifinity 8

“Raise your vibration, enjoy permanent change & shift, with Quantum Bio Energetics”

Trinfinity8™ represents the futuristic science of Algorithmic Anti-Aging Technology™. This unique software system was developed as a direct result of information brought back from a near death experience by Dr. Kathy Forti. Trinfinity8 is the first rejuvenation software to use a personal computer to deliver non-invasive programs based on mathematical code, vibrational energies, and fractal formulations that are in harmony with core energetics that encompass all of nature. Trinfinity8 is also the first quantum energetic system available for both PC and Mac users. It has an energetic interface that is technologically sophisticated yet simple to use.


The Trinfinity8 System delivers DNA repair, rejuvenation, and non-surgical beauty and wellness treatments through a sensory stream of algorithmic binary codes via the USB port on a personal computer.

Trifinity8 Enables the following

– Stress Reduction – Weight No More –
– Energy Restoration – Weight Gain –
– Anti-Aging Health & Nutrition – Younger Face –
– Skin & Hair Rejuvenation – Female Balance –
– Face & Beauty – Male Balance –
– Weight Management – Anti-Aging Priority –
– Body Sculpting – Wellness Tune Up –
– Spiritual Oneness – Restful Sleep – Healthy Hair –

Initial session $165.00
Subsequent 1 hour session $125.00
Subsequent 1/2 hour session $85.00