Our Detox Program

Chinese Mud Masks
(Organic Mud Masks)

Weight loss, detox, increase circulation specialized muds
extract toxins, fats and increase circulation.

Full Body Session – Front, Back, Face, Hands, and Feet $165.00
Face, Hands, and Feet – $125.00
Hands and feet – $75.00

Bio-Cleanse Foot Bath

The purpose is to remove excessive and stored waste from the body. These wastes accumulate due to poor diet, external stressors, and a multitude of environmental toxins. The treatment works through the use of an ionic array that pulls toxins from your feet while soaking in warm clean water. The warm water and organic sea salt cause the pores of your feet to open which allows toxins to release into the water.

½ hour. $65.00
4 Sessions $240.00
10 Sessions $550.00

*Bio-Cleanse can be added to any other treatment session for an additional $35.00

Colon Hydrotherapy

The absorption of nutrients is enhanced when the colon is cleansed. This safe and painless process involves infusing filtered and temperature regulated water into the large intestine to dislodge impacted material and dilute bacteria and toxic concentrations. Colon Hydrotherapy to improve muscle tone and facilitate peristalsis action.

Initial session $125.00 or Initial plus one follow up session within 24- 48 hour $185.00

Subsequent Colon Hydrotherapy sessions
Individual Session $85.00
2 sessions within 24 to 48 hours – $160.00

4 Sessions $300.00
6 Sessions $420.00

All Colon Hydrotherapists are I – Act Certified