Dr. Norman Shealy Interviews

Shealy Workshop


Robert Bower, host of Turning Point Qi Cast, interviews Dr. Norman Shealy and Dr. Susan Russell about their practices, research, ideas and concepts and the future of Holistic Medicine. Dr.’s Shealy and Russell openly share what makes a difference to them, their patients, students and society. Hold on to your seat!

The Michael Brown Interviews

Michael Brown, one of Dr. Russell’s patients, gives a candid interview about his experience meeting and being treated by Dr. Russell. His compelling story covers many of the topics that people struggle with in today’s society including Drug and Alcohol Addition. Michael describes his experience with the addictions and the various treatments Dr. Russell used to help him over come and become cured. Dr. Russell adds additional information on the specifics of the treatments including NAET and Bioenergetics and the way in which they re-balance the mind, body and spirit!











 Dean Martens Interview

Dr. Susan Russell & Dean Martens

Robert Bower, host of Turning Point Qi Cast talks with Dean and Dr. Russell about how Herbs of Light and Turning Point Healing Center work together with custom herbal blends designed by Dr. Russell as well as the philosophy that goes into their complementary and integrative products and services.

Dean Martens Interview with Dr. Susan Russell Part 1

Dean Martens Interview with Dr. Susan Russell Part2

Interview with Dean Martens, founder of Herbs of Light
Robert Bower, host of Turning Point Qi Cast talks with Dean about his journey, life experience and vision for Herbs of Light – a truly inspired individual – very enlightening!

Dean Martens Interview with Dr. Susan Russell Part 3


Suzi Marsh Interview

Dr. Susan Russell & Suzi Marsh, host of
“Change your Mind, Change your Life” on WSB FM, Atlanta

Suzi Marsh interviews Dr. Russell about Turning Point Healing Center, Dr. Russell’s experience and approach to balancing energy, Suzi’s personal experience working with Dr. Russell and the new web site and the newly released “Body of Qi” series CD’s, Brain Qi Gong, Living Bones and Living Qi Channels.

Suzi Marsh Interview Part 1


Suzi Marsh Interview Part 2

The Jordan Graye Interview

Interview with Jordan Graye, Atlanta Radio Personality

Robert Bower, host of “Turning Points Qi Cast”, interviews Jordan about how she found Dr. Russell (hint: the Tesla connection!), what her first visit was like, the changes that have happened in her life as well as her daughters and the difference Dr. Russell has made in her life.

Jordan Graye Interview