Energy & Allergies


1 hour – $165.00
Acupuncture stimulates the body’s natural healing abilities and promote physical and emotional well-being, reduces stress and promotes physical and emotional well-being.


Nambudripod’s Allergy Elimination Technique: Allergy Desensitization Balancing Session

First session: 1 hour – $165.00
Average length of subsequent sessions is 30 minutes. $65.00

Permanently eliminates allergies and symptoms arising from previous exposure to allergens and their allergic manifestations.

REIKI Energy Balancing

1 hour – $135.00
Reiki transfers the vital life force through the hands (palm centers) of the practitioner into the body field of the client. This allows the vital life force of the client to be boosted. The body’s innate intelligence then uses this increased vitality to balance those areas most in need. Reiki is a transforming experience and can enhance the body’s ability to restore balance to its self.

Body Circuit Energy Balance

1 hour – $165.00
Clearing and balancing the body circuit removing negative effects form electromagnetic and environmental or prescription toxins, balances the body circuits to the nervous system the brain.

Chakra Balance

1 hour – $165.00
Opens chakras that are closed, correct chakras that are flowing backwards, balances chakra to each other so your whole system flows equally.